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Reverent Consultants LLP in Pharmacy, can provide Marketing and Business development support, Technical assistance for Development of Formulation, Review on regulatory compliance, Development and Supply of Preformulation Intermediates (Pellets ready to fill in to capsules) and Manpower support for Pharmacy industries.

Reverent has a team of experienced scientists, Marketing & Business Experts and Regulatory experts with proven records on audits compliances.

On technical assistance of formulation development, Reverent can provide strategy for development reviewing the patent aspects and technical proposals based on the development needs. Trouble shooting in the formulation and process development. Reverent has team of expert scientists with Ph.D. who can support in all technical requirements. The team can also support in the discussion and strategy development to overcome valid patents & Review of technical documents & Technical write-up of reports or data to agencies

On Marketing & Business Development, Reverent having people more than a decade in the field of marketing and Business development. Here the services offered are, Development partners arrangement to develop customer based development and Technology transfer, Support of API, Excipients, Finished products for different markets. Sale of Dossiers for Formulations into different markets.

On regulatory requirement, Reverent shall support by Pre-Auditing the facility with our expert audit team to make compliance to the current regulatory bodies like USFDA, UKMHRA, HEALTH CANADA, Etc…

On Development and Supply of Preformulation Intermediates (Pellets ready to fill in to capsules), Reverent shall support in the new product development in short time line and supply as per the requirement of the customers through a reputed development and manufacturing partners


On manpower support, Reverent shall recruit Peoples from various level positions for Sales, Marketing, PMT, HR, Finance, Production (Pharmaceutical Formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API, and Bulk Drugs), R&D, Clinical Research, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Plant Maintenance, Utility Maintenance, Projects, TT, technical services, Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Healthcare, and Nutraceuticals etc…


End- to-end support

Our comprehensive end-to-end support ensures smooth development, timely filing and successful launch of products. Our R&D and manufacturing capabilities are strengthened by the presence of a strong and well-informed regulatory team. We pride in offering customers an unmatched advantage to develop and file their products in time with regulators across the globe.

Our scientists work closely with our business development team to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both market needs and synergies across therapeutic areas. Even as we focus on developing new technologies, we continuously monitor research efficiency. Our R&D productivity ranks among the highest in MAKING BUSINESS BETTER.