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Housing Services

Reverent offers affordable Housing and Commercial spaces of any scale, facilitate development of new housing in under-served areas , and provide quality professional property management for many affordable properties. Our mission is to help our residents achieve individual and family goals and to foster community pride by providing and managing apartment communities which offer affordable rents and desirable living conditions. We help owners, occupiers and developers the best solutions with integrated Commercial and Residential property services. Reverent Housing is an integrated prime commercial and residential offering, operating in key Metros and Cities in India.

Reverent Housing is to help people build a strong foundation for their lives through stable, safe, and affordable housing.

Our institutional and private investment specialists see beyond the bricks and mortar to analyze how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can accelerate the success of your financial portfolio. Reverent provides the highest standards of quality and integrity in global residential and commercial properties.

Residential and Commercial Development

Reverent Housing, we do Residential and Commercial spaces development of any scale of project size. we can provide wide range of properties both Residential and Commercial across the country. We have the ability to understand the requirements of property buyers, as developers and investors we create a deal structure and business plan that works for both. We provide Residential properties and Commercial spaces and provide development funding plans for both. Reverent Housing meets both your Residential and Commercial needs, financial goals and lifestyle development vision, making the process as simple as possible and ensuring you maximize your development returns.

We understand that definitive place-making is key for creating a successful residential development and will also help to drive maximum values. Retail, F&B, hotels, leisure amenities, offices, public realm and infrastructure all play a vital role in creating the most desirable residential locations and Reverent Housing can deliver on each of these elements through a single point of contact.

We have focused on smaller Housing developments, created for an more affordable housing. Being a developer on a smaller scale and large scale, this allows us to offer various options when it comes to Housing , Reverent Housing not only helps you to buy or sell your property, but also help you determine the best time frame and process for this major financial move, taking into account potential tax benefits and the market cycle to generate the strongest interest in your property


Housing Services

Reverent experienced staff can direct an entire project from start to finish. We are committed to providing rental and Lease housing options for families statewide. We provide Housing and commercial spaces in rental and lease for all sections of society with our professionally dedicated experts team having various options based on your budget as well as requirements.

Reverent Housing provides Building Planning Services, maximizing opportunities for our clients by securing planning permissions for residential and mixed use developments. We review existing land and property portfolios to identify opportunities for redevelopment or changes of use, within a broader framework of positive asset management, We appraise sites and advise on the type and amount of development that is likely to be acceptable. We offer properties based on both your financial goals and development vision, making the process as simple as possible and ensuring you maximize your development returns.


If you have an ancestral home or property you wish to develop with all modern amenities, Land is fast becoming a coveted resource in Cities. The rate at which land prices are rising, new projects are costly at times. Redevelopment could be the way out of this dicey situations. The owner gets the brand new house with better interiors in terms of facilities such as air conditioners, tiles etc., along with better exteriors such as basement parking and open space for balconies and the house with all best amenities and developed property as mutually agreed. We undertake redevelopment projects and deliver the best and MAKING BUSINESS BETTER.